Temporary Resurfacing 2016
 an outdoor multi­-video projection event. Check out Temporary Resurfacing website


“Artists, Demitra Copoulos, Marla Sanvick and Maeve Jackson, work with property owners and artists to produce a -one night only- public video art event. Temporary Resurfacing engages two city blocks of West Historic Mitchell Street with multiple video projections by over 30 regional, national and international artists. Video works are simultaneously projected onto the exterior surfaces of buildings as well as within. Interior and exterior video installations of varying scales, from building size projections ­­ filling entire facades to small intimate spaces located at street level, in pedestrian walkways, business entrances and storefronts. Local food trucks vend on the street and event programs are available.”

The second installment took place from dusk until midnight on June 18, 2016.

2016 Exhibiting Artists:
Lily Baldwin, Stephanie Barber, Peter Barrickman, Isaac Brooks, Ted Brusubardis, Réka Bucsi, Brent Budsberg, Liz Cambron, Adam Carr, Grace Cross, Sara Condo, Cathy Cook, Stephanie Copoulos-Selle, Paul Druecke, Mark Escribano, Rachel Glass, Jon Horvath, Maeve Jackson, Jane Jerardi, David Najib Kasir, Michael Kautzer, Vika Kirchenbauer, Jenna Knapp, Xav Leplae, Shana McCaw, Kim Miller, Grace Mitchell, Dao Nguyen, Sabrina Ratté, Marla Sanvick, Naomi Shersty, Martin Sulzer, Andrew Swant, Wes Tank, Katherine Trimble, and Jason S. Yi

Temporary Resurfacing 2014

The inaugural event of 2014, was well received by the public. Over 500 people were in attendance between the hours of dusk (8:00pm) and 11:00pm. The project was accomplished with no financial support.

2014 Exhibiting Artist:
Ted Brusubardis, Adam Carr, Cecilia Condit, Sara Condo, Cathy Cook, Paul Druecke, Neil Gravander, Oren Goldenberg, Kim Miller, Kara Mulrooney, Jason Nanna, Ross Oldenburg, Harvey Opgenorth, Nate Page, Marla Sanvick, Andrew Swant, team Wes Tank and Shannon Molter, Sonja Thomsen and Beach Combrz Superize (Celeste Verhelst & Xav Leplae) Video DJing musical selections by Paul Finger & Mikronaut Event Page

Usable Space Gallery, Prepped

Curatorial Project at the Usable Space Gallery in Milwaukee WI.

Prep. Prepare. Procrastination of preparations. Failure to prep. Prepared.
Preparing ourselves for anything and everything is constant. When we feel as if we're prepared, something new asks us to consider more. The action of preparing for something can be daunting or reassuring. In most extreme ways, apocalypses and disasters but we prepare daily and the act of preparing is often times the final doing. "Prepped" considers and discusses these actions.

Exhibiting artists: Monica Bennett, Lodewijk Broekhuizen, Sara Condo, Grace DuVal, Carolina Gonzalez Valencia, Maxwell Kelsey, Dao Nguyen, Katherine Trimble, with survival books provided by Chris Hilbelink